Conferra helps you in re-evaluating and redesigning an IT environment that is aligned with your business goals. We offer a full range of business and IT consulting services, including team augmentation, and help in bringing together all the players needed in developing a winning service portfolio. Our consulting solutions give you the power to step into the hearts and minds of your customers – and transform your business. Working side-by-side we identify opportunities with our clients.

We understand your business needs and solve them through conversations. We rely on our years of software design and delivery expertise to translate business needs to technology solutions. We rely on a set of tools to plan, communicate and collaborate on producing the software. We help grow your top-line revenues while reducing your operating expenditures through strategic conversations, technology consulting and deep software expertise. We assist our clients in identifying and implementing a technology strategy and governance process that provides a robust foundation for their growing business goals.

Strategy is nothing without execution. We help ambitious organizations design strategies and put them to work. We develop precisely tailored, custom strategies that serve them best. We are partners for our clients, and they have a stake in our solutions while we have a stake in their success. Our expertise and experience in engaging in all aspects of the software development lifecycle across multiple sectors enables us to provide high quality services. We can help you with single advisory assignments, with limited scope, all the way to full scale integration projects supporting your continuous planning and business process in all levels needed.