UI/UX Design

Conferra knows every part of the customer journey and delivers an unwavering attention to design detail and user experience.

We’ve delivered the UX Design, wire-framing, prototyping, and designed the UI for applications that have helped organizations change how their data is presented. Conferra is constantly accumulating more experience within the industry and applying that knowledge to get better results for our clients. Our teams of engineers are specialists at creating designs that have a fluid-grid like approach to make your application extremely visual.

Conferra lets your ideology reflect in your applications. We understand that the most significant process in the creation of an application is the User Experience stage. The application experience had to be natural to the user, and the interaction had to be seamless. We discuss and lay out the intricate details of how the user would interact with the app, perfect the final wireframes, and make the design process collaborative and more efficient.

Every project begins with an in-depth analysis of the user’s experience. Collaborated ideas combined with detailed wireframes define how a user will interact with the interface. Our wireframes are almost as visually appealing as our interface designs. We believe that doing it right from the beginning makes an impactful difference (and any developer will agree).