Conferra’s delivers real-time sales and DevOps support that goes beyond application management. We have helped many organizations reduce cost, time to market, and technical challenges giving them more focus on core business. We help our clients to integrate development, service orchestration and production operations and in the process identify every duplication of effort, resources and capital expenditure. You would see its significant effect on the technology budget (and associated staff costs of course); and can leverage the money saved to grow your business.

Conferra is completely vendor and hosting provider neutral. We test and assess third party technologies and services from a keenly objective point of view to bring in cost, quality, and security advantages. The technology operations support services can be delivered as either a high-value consulting capability transformation, or as part of an outsourced delivery model. Our operations support services allow you to systematically strengthen performance in all of your areas.

We know that the “devil is in the details”, and in most cases support hurdles have a profound impact on bottom-line performance. With our proven approach, your organization can greatly benefit using our deep industry knowledge and our industrialized processes, capabilities and assets. We understand that the only KPI is peak performance: 24 hours through the day and 365 days through the year. Out operations support ecosystems do just that.