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Conferra has helped many organizations make cloud a part of their business, rather than just adding complexity and overhead. We are focused at helping your business make a success out of the cloud marketplace. Conferra equips you with a scalable Cloud solution that ensures success for your situation, role, industry, or environment, by combining the best of tools from a variety of vendors to create a cloud ecosystem that delivers unprecedented performance, availability, and flexibility. We help you visualize, brand, and create your own enterprise-grade cloud through PaaS (such as Microsoft Azure), IaaS (such as AWS), or a custom SaaS solution.

Conferra is an Advanced Consulting Partner with Amazon Partner Network, that gives us access to a great deal of resources and trainings to deliver, manage, and support better custom AWS cloud solutions. We have expertise and experience in architecting, deploying and managing solutions with all of AWS’ products and services.

Conferra’s proven model for implementation of custom cloud solutions has been developed to effectively guide you through all the phases of an enterprise-scale deployment of a custom cloud solution. Our engagement model is devised to build a comprehensive Cloud management strategy, that meets your business demands. Conferra’s experience and expertise, across varied industry verticals, lets you take advantage of Cloud’s flexible, cost-effective, and elastic IT infrastructure, be it public cloud, private cloud or hybrid cloud.

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